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Fad Campaign or American's Reign?:


There has been a recent resurgence of the American flag as a direct result of the tragic events that occurred September 11, 2001. This, in and of itself, could only be anticipated. At this time, strength and unity are necessary for the American people to prevail over the tremendous loss and adversity we are now forced to face. The flag has long been the embodiment of our collective strength and unity, and as such, it has received a lot of exposure as of late.

Most commonly, I have seen vehicles adorned with flags. On some they seem to serve an ornamental purpose only. That is to say, the driver of the car does not illustrate any great desire for unification by means of his manners. One in particular cut me off and then proceeded to flip me the bird via his rear-view mirror. Sadly, the only unification possible between us would have been that of our two vehicles in a collision.

Why do people like that have flags on their cars in the first place? Do they collectively illustrate that this American symbol can be digressed into some baseless bumper-sticker fad campaign? If you want to display your patriotism, you should do so first in your actions. Letís not give the rest of the world any doubt as to the strength and integrity inherent in all Americans.